Essential clothes for curvy girls

As a curvy girl, it’s tough to find stuff that not only fits but flatters.

By curvy, I mean we ladies who have ample T and A and a defined waist. And a tough time finding things that both fit right AND look nice.

Here are few tried-and-true items of my own to share.

1. This bikini.

This. THIS. This is the happiest I will ever be in a bikini.
Is that me in this lovely and heavily Photoshopped photo? Of course not! But I feel fabulous in it.

It works for a few reasons: See the bottoms? They’re a “foldover” bottom that sits lower –– but not too low––  and does not cut into your hips. The bottom also actually covers a big booty, unlike the new trendy “cheeky” bottoms that show half your ass.

The top provides structure, removable padding and lift. The shitty thing about bikini tops is that they often leave your girls hanging. If you’re a curvy girl, you need SUPPORT. This top keeps your boobs front and center. The cute retro stitching on the cups is just a bonus. The Victoria’s Secret retro push-up triangle top with foldover bottoms is also on sale.

2. Magic pants

Buying work pants is the suck. You need professional-looking pants yet most slacks are slacking on the job: they’re thin, cling to the widest part of your leg and show off pantylines and thigh jiggle (shudder). I work in an office and I can’t tell you how many cheek-squishing “professional” slacks I’ve seen.

Enter: the magic pants.

It’s The Limited’s “exact stretch” line and they are EXACTLY what a curvy lady needs for the interview and the daily drama with your office printer. The fabric is thick but comfortable, and the faux pockets don’t add bulk. I recommend the straight cut for winter and the cropped slim leg for anytime else.

3. A t-shirt dress

Step one: Take an oversized t-shirt. Step two: put a belt on it.

Few people know about this little trick. I hopped into Express about two years ago and saw the sale rack full of oversized t-shirts. There was a variety of sizes there, meaning that customers couldn’t figure out to do with it. I tried one on and it looked like a burlap sack with a deep V neck. Then I took the scarf I was wearing and wrapped it around my waist and VOILA. It was the perfect A-line dress.

I’m glad I bought two of these babies because I wear them almost nonstop from April to October. A t-shirt dress is incredibly versatile. Wear it bar-hopping with strappy heels and a long necklace. Wear it to work with tall boots, a cardi and tights. Wear it unbelted over your bikini to the beach.

I was unable to find the exact replica online so this one is mine. It’s all beat-up looking and stuff thanks to so much wear.

4. Straight-legged jeans

In a world of jeggings and leggings, just hear me out. A straight leg jean is kind to curvy bodies in ways that a vagina-muzzling jegging is NOT. After I got these, I decided to only wear jeggings with boots or a huge top. These are the best go-to jeans I’ve found for everything else so far. These 1969 real straight jeans are from (ugh) the Gap.

(Curvy girls: What are your favorite jeans? I’m in a love/hate relationship with the Gap that’s more hate than love and it’d be nice to find a great super dark straight leg jean for curvy gals. Suggestions please?)

–By Tara Cavanaugh

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