Aren’t these shoes a-peel-ing?

So I’m an admitted shoe-lover. They’re kind of overflowing out of my closet at present. I have more shoes than reasonable amounts of space. Admittedly, I need to get rid of some (my fave pair of boots has sadly bit the dust) to make room for some new ones. And while I tend to be practical in my own shoe-shopping habits, there’s always something attractive about that quirky-one-of-a-kind heel that no one else has. For example, the nerd within me that had a little girl crush on Han Solo (and still sort of does) definitely wants these shoes. And they’re definitely a conversation starter. Think of the endless debates you could have about who shot first and you could finally have inspiration to perfect your wookie call.

And then there are shoes that are essentially works of art. Israeli designer Kobi Levi’s designs are just so clever and pun-ny. For example, they give new meaning to “Let me ‘slide’ on a pair of shoes” or “slip-on a banana peel.” I sort of want the banana shoes, just so I can keep cracking “There’s always money in the banana stand” jokes. Besides who wouldn’t want to own a wearable optical illusion?

–By Lindsay Ray

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