Our favorite fashion blogs

Painfully Hip: I pride myself on staying fashionable with today’s equivalent of a 19th century scullery maid’s paycheck. Yet, when I discovered Painfully Hip, I realized I could learn a lot from creator Amber Mortensen’s posts and About.com links, if that says anything. Not only is her blog chock full of useful advice and adorable pieces, Mortensen’s writing style is fresh, witty, and will really make you “lol.”

What I Wore: One of our fave fashion bloggers makes style accessible.

Glitter N Glue: Do you like DIY fashion, but don’t want your pieces to look like Girl Scout memorabilia? Or do you want to explore DIY fashion, but don’t have crazy crafting skills? Then I suggest checking out Glitter N Glue. Their latest DIY how-tos–button statement rings and snakeskin handbags–are easy to make, much cheaper than buying the real deals, and perfect fall fashion accessories.

Sally Jane Vintage: The pieces featured on Sally Jane Vintage inspire all kinds of…feelings. Envy. Covetousness. Despair (that I can’t reach through the computer and magically snag every cute thing I see). Ahem. Anyway, if you like vintage with a clean, classy Middleton-twist, Sally Jane Vintage is full of eye candy. Plus, she has an Etsy shop with plenty of sale items that cost less than $15 (and that includes dresses…wow…).

–By Jenna Cooper

I don’t know how I first found Go Fug Yourself. Did I hear about it by word of mouth? Or did I stumble on it as a bored undergrad sitting in another endless lecture? All I know is that I knew immediately I had come across a hilarious goldmine of fashion commentary. The Fug Girls (as they’re affectionately known to fans) are snarky, thrive on Diet Coke, love young adult literature—especially Harry Potter—and vehemently advocate for the tights-are-not-pants movement. It was love at first blog post.

GFY is celebrity fashion with a side of sass. If they look bad, the girls will call them out, all while referencing Joan Collins, Pringles, 90210, Barbie and whatever other obscure pop culture reference you can think of. Generally, I have to stifle my laughter while reading the blog in public places lest anyone think I was deranged (because laughing uncontrollably can give that impression). GFY introduced me to SWINTON and the alternative to March Madness, Fug Madness, which is the ultimate bad fashion throw down. I also can’t look at Jennifer Lopez anymore without hearing her say, “Hello lovers!” in my head. And the best part? None of it is mean spirited and it’s all in good sarcastic fun, my favorite kind.

–By Lindsay Ray

If you’ve read my bio, you’ll see that I don’t consider myself terribly fashionable. If you’ve seen me in person ever, you’ll agree. My daily uniform: v neck, jeans, flats or boots, plus a scarf and a cardigan in the colder months. While I love Tavi’s style blog, I can’t relate. I feel like an alien when I’m looking at it.

That being said, I prefer the blogs of Everygirl USA, those “how I wore it” or “what I wore today” blogs. They give me a sense of peace; these are women that live on the same planet as my v-neck loving self. Of course, these gals are still more stylish, and have better jobs and cameras, but there’s an element to these blogs that I can grasp more easily.

What I Wore 2Day:  a Cincinnati woman into theater, cats, thrifting, and wearing brights.

What I Wore:  a woman with a fashion designer past living in Bloomington, Indiana, with an eye for classic and fun fashion. Her blog is so successful that it became her full time job and led to a book.

Two bonuses are segments on the against-the-grain and against-boys-club-entertainment-blogs frisky.com and hellogiggles.com. While fashion isn’t their singular focus, Frisky frequently hosts “what are we wearing today?”  segments where the fabulous ladies explain their outfits, and where they are from. Hellogiggles has a recurring series called “Style me Grasie” where Grasie Mercedes answers reader questions about everyday fashion conundrums like how to make a t-shirt and jeans look a little more hip or how to dress in a business casual office.

These blogs attempt to save me from my boring, fashion-backward self, and I can’t say they always succeed, but I appreciate the help.

–By Samantha Howard

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