All hail the power of the chevron!

So it’s a little less than a month away. And no, I’m not talking about when the lease on my new apartment starts. (So excited!) Or that Drive opens around then. (Which looks like the most twisted, dark vengeance-action flick to ever feature a skinny blonde guy, a cute British girl with a mom haircut and the always va-va-voom favorite Christina Hendricks.)

No, in a little less than a month, the Missoni collection hits Target, and I’m weirdly excited about it. Missoni looks to be all about the patterns this season, and while some are garish, others are made of pure awesome.

For example, the chevron bicycle. I want this bicycle despite my not-so-existent cycling skills like Veruca Salt wants a golden goose or a squirrel (depending on your preferred version of Wonka).

And these vases? Yes, please! Pretty sure they’d look ah-mazing in my new apartment.

Check out the full look book.

Bonus pattern win: Kristen Bell

OK, so this photo has like zero connection to the Missoni collection beyond the fact that it’s patterned. But girlfriend is working that dress. Also, I want a Veronica Mars movie like Augustus Gloop…well, you get the picture.

–By Lindsay Ray


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