Fail of the Week: True-Blood-is-almost-here edition

Now, I know there are some bigger fashion fiascos out there  and then there are the usual suspects. Seriously, one day KP is going to succeed in actually turning her body into a sugary confection.

But the True Blood season premiere is almost here, and I’m giddily excited. So of course, I checked out the season premiere red carpet. But what is Anna Paquin wearing?

Generally I love her—I mean, she’s tiny and blonde and likes to be controversial and somehow only manages to occasionally annoy me as Sookie. But seriously, it looks like she attached purple pipe cleaners attached to her dress. And what’s underneath the mesh panel? Her rib cage? If so, eat a sandwich. Hell, eat 50. If not, my other guess is it’s something gestating. Is she trying to compete with Bella’s human-vampire baby/spawn in Breaking Dawn? Because, honey, nobody can beat that deep-fried crack.

However, is it wrong to kind of dig her dress on the cover of Entertainment Weekly? It’s just so retro and there are polka dots!

Whatever your opinion of Miss Paquin’s sartorial choices, laissez les Bons Temps (Louisiana) rouler on Sunday!

–By Lindsay Ray

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