Vote With Your Dollars: Go See Bridesmaids

I am going to see Bridesmaids in a movie theater. I don’t often go to the movies, since it’s kind of expensive and Netflix is awesome, but I feel strongly that I need to pay money to see this movie.

It may be fantastic, it may be awful, but some very funny women wrote it and it’s not a funny R-rated movie about men and their penises. Have you noticed that for the last 10 years almost every runaway comedy hit has been about men and their penises?

It’s time for a change in worldview, summer movie lovers. Women watch movies too. And women want to see movies that aren’t lame Rom-Coms from time to time (Something Borrowed, hem hem?). The movie studios need to see that smart women who like funny things are a demographic that has economic viability. The movie studios need to see that creative women can create financially successful projects.

I think that if Bridesmaids is truly successful, more films like it will get made. And they will be better, stronger, and faster and maybe will eventually become the norm. I’m not saying that this film is going to start a revolution, but I hope that it could.

Oh, and Jon Hamm is in it. That’s right: a raunchy women’s comedy with Mr. Donald Draper himself in all his modern-clothing glory. I’d pay to watch a film of him reading the phone book.

But seriously: vote with your dollars! Go see Bridesmaids!

–By Erin O’Neill

One thought on “Vote With Your Dollars: Go See Bridesmaids

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