Pretty, Pretty Princess

Blake Lively showed up to TIME’s 100 Most Influential People event wearing this:

She looked smoking hot. And just a little bit like Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Which made us think, Blake would make a pretty awesome Ariel—flowing hair, awesome boobs, sunny attitude. So if Disney ever needed some live action versions of their princesses for say some movie called Pretty Princess Slumber Party, who would we cast?

Snow White

Although she probably doesn’t meet the “pure” requirement being married to Russell Brand and all, but we just can’t shake the image of Katy Perry as Snow White. And we can totally see her hanging with a bunch of dwarfs and coercing small animals into singing with her.


Everything about Cindy here sparkles. She cleans, cleans, cleans. And she wears a sparkly dress to meet her prince at the ball. Plus, girl’s got choice footwear. Elizabeth Banks pulls of sparkle, and I have a feeling that she would serve her stepfamily with a smile—after having spit in their food. Maybe Ever After has tainted us, but we like our Cinderella with sass.

Sleeping Beauty aka Aurora/Briar Rose

Along with long flowing golden tresses, whoever plays Sleeping Beauty would have to be badass enough to also play both her two alter egos, Briar Rose and Aurora. Amanda Seyfried has the locks and the kind of ethereal beauty we can believe would make a guy fight off Disney’s most evil villain. (She turned into a freakin’ dragon, OK?) Plus, she can definitely pull off several sides to a personality. (Just check her transition from Mean Girls to Chloe, which was kind of freaky.)


Belle is like the Elizabeth Bennett of the princess world. She’s intellectual, bucks social custom and doesn’t initially even like her paramour. Natalie Portman manages to capture both Belle’s beauty and brains. Plus, she pulls off the perfect I-know-something-you-don’t-know smile.


Spoiled little girl wants to escape the confines of her life. So she hooks up with a guy from the wrong side of the tracks while wearing a belly-baring outfit. Clearly, Jasmine isn’t afraid to be a little bold. Mila Kunis is no stranger to playing spoiled on That’70s Show. And she’s definitely not afraid of bold. (Hello, did you see Black Swan?) And with all the working out she got from that movie, we’re sure she could easily manage the skimpy clothing no problem.


Not only does Pocahontas buck the trend, rescue her bf and bring peace to her people, but she also does all this while sporting a fringed mini skirt. Zoe Saldana is fierce—and her legs look great in a mini. Period.


Mulan is badass. Mulan carries a sword. Mulan uses her brains. Ziyi Zhang is Mulan. She can look both beautiful and terrifying while wielding a sword.


Tink is both spunky and tiny. And when we think spunky and tiny, we think Veronica Mars, or more specifically her itty-bitty portrayer, Kristen Bell.


Tiana isn’t afraid to dream big and work hard. And she ain’t afraid to speak her mind. Plus, we admire a girl who can make a mean beignet. Rosario Dawson embodies Tiana’s can-do attitude and sassy spirit.


According to the big D (Disney), Rapunzel rocks super, super long hair and is both slightly artsy and naïve. Like Disney’s newest princess, Jennifer Lawrence is a veritable newcomer, but she’s able to capture both sweetness and spunk. (Plus, check out her gorgeous locks.) Or maybe we just harbor a soft spot for her after finding out she’ll being playing the complex and conflicted Katniss in The Hunger Games.

Who would you cast? Check out some photos from Annie Leibovitz’s Disney gallery for inspiration.

–By Lindsay Ray and Ashley Espinosa

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