Fails of the Week: Madness, Momsen and Minaj

So Fug Madness is over, and a new queen has been crowned. Little Taylor Momsen, sporting baby heroin chic, took home the crown. If you’re unfamiliar with the Momster, just think young Courtney Love, general pantslessness, torn tights and raccoon eyes. Momster won after a series of surprising upsets (Ryan Cabrera, what the hell?) and Cinderella stories (Where did Mischa Barton even come from?). And while I picked Gaga to take the whole thing (Really, how can you beat a meat dress and a human hair cape?), Mama Monster was no match for the Momster.


Although Nicki Minaj was lost out to Gaga in Fug Madness, she’s already making her bid for next year. Girlfriend rocks a serious beehive. And clearly has no regard for matching colors—she looks a little bit like an abstract painting. Plus, pleather. Need I say more? But if I must, she also looks like she’s ready to throw down. Those are some serious brass knuckles.

BONUS: Check out the pretty pictures of the Met’s Alexander McQueen exhibit, Savage Beauty. If you like costuming or admire McQueen, it’s a must-see. I especially like the dress I call The Birds.

–By Lindsay Ray

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