The top 10 of 2010

1. The death of a powerhouse
The death of Alexander McQueen shocked the fashion world. Known for creating fantastic shapes and using fabulous fabrics, McQueen’s most famous design is perhaps the armadillo shoe. McQueen’s avant garde and eccentric genius will truly be missed.
2. Gaga rocks raw materials
Lady Gaga rules the world of couture and crazy. And so often, Gaga likes to go au natural (i.e., sans pants, etc.) So who can forget when she wore Cousin It as a cape? But the most memorable of Gaga’s outfits was her statement-making meat dress. When she does organic, the Lady does organic.
3. Tavi on top
She has gray hair and the attention of all the most powerful fashionistas. And she’s only fourteen. In 2010, Tavi (yeah, she’s so awesome she doesn’t need to be known by two names) attended Fall Fashion Week, wrote a top fashion blog and announced she’ll be starting a magazine. Can’t wait to see what she does in the future.
4. Mad about Middleton
Kate Middleton has long been part of the royal spotlight, but as soon as she accepted a ring and became a princess-to-be, Middleton mania rose to new heights. And for good reason. Kate continually looks sophisticated and elegant. Plus, now girls everywhere can now look like Kate. Retailers are scrambling to get knockoffs of her dress and ring on the market. With a royal wedding on the horizon, 2011 is going to be Kate’s year.
5. Hermione’s new haircut
Emma Watson became famous for playing a bushy-haired bookworm. Needless to say, her mane also became famous. So when Emma cut off all her locks and went for a fun pixie cut, she definitely made a statement. And nobody can rock a pixie cut like Emma. She’s transformed into a true fashionista.
6. RiRi goes red

Tavi. They say 2010 was the year of the outsider...

Rihanna is known for pushing the fashion boundaries. But there should be a point when you stop. Like when you have stop sign-colored hair. What might’ve looked awesome on Angela Chase back in the ’90s is now so 20 years ago. Add in RiRi’s wacky outfits, and you have a whole colorblock of craycray.
7. Chanel goes to Hoth
For his Fall 2010 show, Karl Lagerfield imported an iceberg and had his models dress in abominable snowman fur. The total effect reminded me of the ice planet Hoth (Star Wars reference for non-nerds). Who knew donning Chewbacca’s pelt could be so fashionable? As Chewbacca would say, “ARRRHHHUUUNNGGH!”
8. Women as weapons
In the 1950s, women became equated with war terms. With the introduction of the H-bomb, women became known as bombshells and a little swimsuit got dubbed the bikini. This year, fashion turned the metaphor into reality. Gaga wore a bra made of guns in her “Alejandro” video. Katy Perry took a fun spin on the “weapon” bra by donning a whip cream can bra that shot the confection. Plus, there are always a pair of killer shoes with a pistol for a heel.
9. Return of the ice capades
See-through lace has made a comeback. And although the lace comes in a variety of colors and designs, most of them come in black and look like some version of a figure skating costume. The fashion daredevil Leighton Meester showed off her keister in one outfit while other starlets played peek-a-boo with their lace details. The one person to avoid skating comparisons? Emma Watson, who looked lovely in lace.
10. Glee glam
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Glee. Gossip Girl might be setting fashion trends on TV, but the girls of Glee keep things glam off-screen. Lea Michele usually rocks frocks in jewel tones, and Dianna Agron keeps things classy and chic. All the girls are regulars on the red carpet now, and they regularly hit the right note.
What were your favorite hits or misses of 2010?

–By Linday Ray

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