Win of the Week: Hermione Got Haute

Somewhere in the midst of the Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson became a full-fledged fashionista and a Burberry darling. Normally, I condemn the wearing of see-through blouses and showing your bra—it’s tacky. But I love everything about Emma Watson’s outfit. The lace, the feathers, the pixie cut—all things I normally wouldn’t like, but Emma Watson somehow convinces me this entire outfit is charming. It reminds me a little of when Hermione shows up at the Yule Ball and suddenly rocks a gown, looks all lovely and catches the boys’ attention. (Look, my nerd is showing!) Emma Watson has grown up and emerged from the Potter franchise looking magical. (And I’m going to stop before I make any more bad wizard puns.)

–By Lindsay Ray

3 thoughts on “Win of the Week: Hermione Got Haute

  1. Oh, Emma has developed an amazing fashion sense in the last few years. She’s absolutely the next Natalie Portman: she can pull off anything, including a pixie cut, and she’s gorgeous as well as a (so far) amazing actress. I can’t wait to see where her career goes.

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