FAIL of the week: this is NOT a costume

So Halloween was this Sunday, and it’s a great holiday. Adults get to be kids, girls get a free pass to dress slutty, and everyone gets to let their freak flag fly. But take a closer look at Taylor Momsen. This is NOT a costume. No, it’s even better; it’s normal Taylor Momsen-wear. No pants? Check. Gothic lace going on? Check. Dominatrix boots and leather? Check. Raccoon eye makeup and vampire-like complexion? Check. Oh, little T, it’s sad that your shocking M.O. has become shockingly boring. You’re predictable, even when flashing your underage boobs at a concert. You’re headed the route of Courtney Love, and that’s a path that no one wants to follow.


Julianne Moore’s dress has a case of Dr. Jekyll-Ms. Hyde. And I’m not sure I like either side. –By Lindsay Ray

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