Put your feet away, please.

I know, DAH-lings, things are tough. Seasons don’t change like a lightsvitch, on and off. Some days it is sixty-two and sunny, and you don’t know vether to get a pumpkin spice latte or a frappaccino. I am here, though, to address ze confusion about ze feet.

Or, rather, I am here to say, get REEEEED of ze flip-flops already.

It is October. It is not ze time to show off your funky feet. I don’t VANT to see toes zat haven’t been manicured since August. And don’t tell me ze flip flops are so “comfortable.” Zey provide no support of any kind. Zey are no more “comfortable” zan a pair of ballet flats.

Delicious purple suede pumps. Just one of the many alternatives to flip flops. Find these at Piperlime


Which, by ze way, have you seen ze lovely assortment of ballet flats for fall? Or pumps and wedges? Right now is ze PERFECT time to vear shoes that vould be otherwise impractical in the presence of snow, slush, and ice. Right now you CAN vear suede vedges vith zeepers and not vorry about getting zem sopping vet, or having icy cold feet.

So please, put ze funky feet AVAY. GOODBYE NOW. THANK YOU. And if you’re vondering VHAT to vear vith your lovely shoes that make your feet look classy, NOT trashy, please read my fall suggestions. Don’t make me repeat myself. Thank you, DAH-lings.

Goodbye! And come again, I do enjoy your visits.


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