FAIL of the week: Lady Gaga

Dear Gaga,

When you wake up in the morning and are deciding what to wear, how do you do it? Do you throw open your closet and think, “Hmmm…maybe today I should go with the Armani or no, no…I should go with the cigarette sunglasses and the spiked shoulder panels. No wait, I have it! I’ll wear my cape of human hair with some fishnets and my armadillo shoes. That’s sure to send a message.” But seriously, how do you decide? Did you wake up one morning and decide you were feeling a little bit like a cavewoman? Or were you watching the Addams Family and were so inspired, you thought you’d shave Cousin It and wear him as an accessory?

Now, Gaga, you know I adore you as the oddity you are. I like your music and usually can’t wait to see what you’ll wear (or not wear in the case of pants), but human hair is a bit much even for me. I guess I could chalk it up to another one of your quirks, but really could you shock me by wearing something say normal for once? Also, could I have just one tiny peek in your closet? I’d really like to see your shoe collection and want to know if you hang your Armani next to your vast collection of leotards.


A fan

–By Lindsay Ray

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