Razzle Dazzle ‘Em

Three words for some things I love: Shiny. Sparkly. Shoes. So sparkly shoes are like my ultimate obsession. I want ‘em. Plus they’re the perfect way to jazz up an otherwise drab outfit. And there are so many styles to choose from. So here are some ways to put pizzazz in your step.


Yes, these are Dorothy’s famous ruby red slippers. She totally rocked them all over OZ and apparently they make for fairly comfy walking shoes. If you’re going to wear red and sparkly on your feet, chances are they’re going to look something like this. Plus, they’re the most iconic sparkly shoes I could think of. They make other girls green with envy (bad pun I know, but I couldn’t help myself!).


J’adore. This is like the triple threat—it mixes shine with sparkle for a sexy set of heels. Currently waiting to find the perfect snazzy LBD to go with them and for them to be available in my size.

You can find these flapper-esque beauties at modcloth.com


Saw these in a store and fell in love. They look like they’d go great with a pair of jeans. Classy and stylish.



I freakin’ love my old beat up pair of Converse—sooooo comfortable. So if I thought I could pull off sparkly Converse? I would probably be all over these.


One word for these: Glitteriffic. And they sell out like hot cakes, so super popular.

The Holy Grail

Christian Louboutin knows how to bring the glitz and the glamour. But these are my favorites. They’re my only-can-I-afford-these-in-my-dreams shoes. If I ever had a Cinderella moment, Prince Charming would bring me these instead of a glass slipper. Can I put into words why I love these? Not really. I just chalk it up to my squirrel-like tendencies and stare at the pretty.

–By Lindsay Ray

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